About BG3 - Business Growth 3 Ways

Who We Are

BG3 is a social media agency run and owned by Cathy Yerges, an experienced business woman who very much enjoys helping small businesses thrive. Cathy’s business career began very early, helping her family’s retail business as soon as she could walk.

She loves the concept of compound interest and earned her degree from UW-Madison with a major in Finance, Banking and Management. But she also understands that life is about more than your job, so she left her successful banking career after 16 years to start her own business.

Cathy believes businesses owners need to stay true to their passion, so she sold off a successful portion of her business in 2014 to focus entirely on social media consulting and email marketing, so she could help small business owners better engage with their audiences.

A believer in being truly helpful to others, Cathy is a big fan of “The Go Giver,” by Bob Berg, and does her best to follow the go-giver philosophy every day.

What We Love

  • Working with small businesses, and helping them grow
  • Social media —especially LinkedIn!
  • Helping businesses and people connect
  • Implementing efficiency that drives positive results
  • Strategizing

What We Bring to Your Business

  • Fresh ideas, coupled with best practices
  • A positive, “can-do” attitude
  • Systems, processes and support to manage your social engagement
  • A partner that’s invested in your success
  • Years of expertise in creating client engagement systems

If you’d like to talk further about your needs, feel free to contact us 608-622-7411 or Cathy@BG3LLC.com.

Thank you for visiting BG3 social media consulting!

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