Quick Tip: Add Handwritten Correspondence to Your Marketing Plan

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April is National Card and Letter Writing Month and now’s a good time to review your marketing plan to make sure it includes handwritten cards or letters to your customers, prospects, and contacts.

There’s no better way to stand out from the crowd and build a relationship, than with a handwritten note.  As the folks at Metro Creative Graphics, Inc put it, “Unlike other forms of communications, card and letter writing is timeless, personal and immediately tangible.” In our technology-filled lives, handwritten notes allow us to pause and engage more of our senses. Just the right card will be opened with a sense of wonder, held for a few minutes, and perhaps even set out on display to be enjoyed much longer than any email or text message would be.

Social Media Marketing

To make it easy, keep a supply of note cards handy along with postage stamps. You could even keep them in your car or briefcase to write out quickly while waiting for your next appointment (or the kids after practice).

Have fun with it and choose cards that express your personality and branding. If you are the creative type, you can even have cards custom made that convey the exact message you want to send or that showcase your work and talents.

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