Are You Committing Any of the Following 7 Deadly Website Sins?

7 deadly sins of websites

This post is inspired by a webinar hosted by BSETC, in which Scott Stratten, CEO of Unmarketing, gave his insight into the “sins” many business owners commit when designing their company website. Scott also suggested website best practices that can be used to counteract each temptation. The following synopsis may make you rethink your website strategy as you walk the fine line between selling yourself and building brand loyalty.

  1. Lust. When visiting the front pages of many company websites, it is not uncommon to find an overwhelming amount of links. Minimize links in order to funnel potential customers where you want them to go so they do not get lost and lose interest.
  2. Pride. While you may already know you are the best of the best, simply repeating how wonderful you are will not convince anyone. Writing a few articles on your area of expertise gives others confidence in your abilities.
  3. Sloth. Take the initiative to create a product to market on your site. It could be an e-book you’ve written, an article available for download, a CD from a lecture you gave, or another affiliated product.
  4. Envy. Gather testimonials and showcase them on your front page. Having a satisfied customer or five is good for business. Show your strengths through recommendations of others.
  5. Greed. Building trust and brand loyalty requires time and a solid strategy. If you offer a newsletter, engage with customers after they sign up to show an interest in them and their needs.
  6. Anger. When someone signs up to receive your newsletter or e-mail updates, it is much friendlier to have a double opt-in so they must use e-mail to confirm their choice to receive your communications. This is your chance to stay on their radar by offering them an added incentive for confirming.
  7. Gluttony. Don’t ask for the world when a customer registers on your site. You do not need the full five-course meal all at once. Start with an appetizer, such as their first name and e-mail address, and build the relationship from there.


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