Card and Letter Writing for Business

Using cards and letter writing for business

We spend a lot of time online building relationships with our clients, prospects, and colleagues. What if you approach it from a different angle and connect offline, by sending a card or letter? April is National Card and Letter Writing Month, so It’s the perfect time to incorporate handwritten notes in your marketing strategy.

I’ve sent handwritten notes in my business for the last few years. It’s part of a touch point system that helps me keep in front of the key players in my network and sphere of influence.

7 people you can build relationships with by sending a handwritten card

1. Clients

It’s easier to keep a client than to gain a client, so it’s important to continually build your relationship and let them know how much you appreciate them. Create a strategy in your CRM or your calendar and delegate time once a quarter, or whatever works for you, when you send out a few handwritten notes.

2. Prospects

Take a look at your top 20 prospects. Who do you want to do business with in the next few months? Set up a Google Alert for the person you’re trying to connect with, as well as their business. These alerts can provide great opportunities to make contact with a handwritten note. It could be a congratulatory note on something they’ve achieved, or perhaps wishing someone luck on their newest launch.

4. Referral Partners

These are folks who you may or may not have done business with in the past, but they respect you and your business enough to send referrals your way. I recommend connecting with your referral partners on a consistent basis, perhaps every six months, just to touch base. Most importantly, always reach out with an acknowledgment when they send you a referral, regardless of the outcome of winning the business or not.

5. People/Businesses that you respect or have inspired you

This might be a blogger that you follow, someone in the local economy who gives back, or a business that you really respect. Send them a note to express your appreciation of what they’re doing. It’s not about sales, or doing business with them, just plain old respect for what they do. You will stand out from the pack after doing this.

6. Friends

Acknowledge your friends and the people in your life who support you. Many times, they are the people we end up taking for granted because we’re so busy. Take time to write them a note, and mail it, just to let them know that you’re thinking about them.

7. Family

Our families support us, provide for us, and fill in for us when our lives and businesses are busy. It’s important to take time to let them know how much they mean to us.

Try sending a few cards and letters in your daily/weekly/monthly practice this month to stay connected with your network and acknowledge them in various ways. By keeping cards on hand you’ll be ready for the next offline networking opportunity.

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