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How Outsourcing Lead Generation and Social Media Can Grow Your Business

Every entrepreneurial has their own story. Neal Ball’s podcast “The Entrepreneurial Way” features business owners who share their passion. Neal explores the vision, mindset, sacrifices, failures, and successes of being a business owner in today’s ever changing world. Whether you aspire to start a business or are an established entrepreneur, Neal can help take your business to the NEXT level!

We all know being an entrepreneur is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. That’s why learning by sharing experiences and networking is essential. To hear more about my personal journey, and how I transitioned my experience and perspective into a thriving business listen to the podcast “Do Your Research But Then Do Not Be Afraid To Take That First Step” featured on “The Entrepreneurial Way.”

Most entrepreneurs face similar challenges

  • Learning to trust your gut
  • Knowing what to do during a “slow period”
  • Understanding your “Secrets to Success”
  • Predicting and keeping up with a constant changes
  • Avoiding “Social Media Missteps”
  • Keeping in contact with clients and prospects

Since you can’t be an expert on everything, not to mention there isn’t enough time in a day, outsourcing is a tool many entrepreneurs have added to their arsenal.

Many entrepreneurs have found that social media and inbound marketing are two areas where outsourcing makes sense. In the recent article “5 Things Small Businesses Should Outsource,” published by, “content marketing” was listed as the number one outsourcing opportunity. With an effective content marketing strategy you can generate leads and nurture relationships.

3 marketing projects you can outsource to grow your business

  1. LinkedIn Lead generation – LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, it offers the ability to connect with high-level professionals in every industry. A marketing professional can get you up to speed fast, and on the right path to making connections with top prospects for your business
  2. Social media content and publishing – a marketing specialist can identify what platforms are right for you, build your brand and online reputation, and provide engaging content for your target audience
  3. Email marketing campaign – by teaming up with industry experts you can use proven communication strategies that deliver a professional and consistent message to clients and prospects, so your business continues to grow and prosper

The key to building your business is to know who you are, what service you provide, how it relates to helping others, and most importantly approaching business from the position of serving others instead of focusing on making a sale.

If you’re interested in auditing your LinkedIn profile download this LinkedIn Profile Audit Checklist that will get you started. I also encourage you to connect with me on LinkedIn where I provide social media, LinkedIn, and branding advice every week.

Best Practices for Building a Permission-Based Email List

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