Don’t Dive Into Social Media Without a Goal

I just had a conversation with somebody yesterday about all the different social media platforms out there. It can get very confusing as to what platform you should be on.

B2B Social Media Strategy

Where should you be sharing content and who should you be trying to reach on each site? Should it be Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, or Pinterest (or one of a hundred more social media networks)?

The audience on each social media platform is different so you need to be specific about why you are there and what information you want to share.

LinkedIn is a very professional place to build business, get more leads, and to network with people…all perfect opportunities if you’re trying to become a brand leader in your industry, an expert in your field or partner on a joint venture.

These are good reasons for using LinkedIn and doing so strategically can help you reach your goals. However, you need to be specific because that’s going to help you define the content that you share and the people that you reach out to on LinkedIn.

You want to see results, but have you defined what those results should be? What do you ultimately want people to do? Do you want them to jump over to your website and download a report? Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter? Do you ultimately want to have a phone conversation with them or meet them for a coffee meeting?

What results do you want? You need to be clear on that and devise your strategy. To get started, read more about LinkedIn Goals & Strategies or watch this short video.

LinkedIn Training

Building Your Business Through LinkedIn – Complimentary Webinar




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