How to Drive Traffic from LinkedIn to Your Website

LinkedIn StrategyOne of your goals for using LinkedIn should be to drive traffic to your website.  After all, your website is where your prospect can learn more about you and where you can pitch the items you have for sale. So how do you encourage people to click over to your website? Follow these tips for optimizing your opportunities from LinkedIn:

  • Personalize your website heading that links to your company website. Instead of “Company Website” as the default heading for your web links, choose “Other”. This will open up another field where you can customize the text that appears for the link on your profile. Use this space to improve your online branding. You can see the different ways the info is displayed below. Which one is more descriptive and likely to get a click-through?

LinkedIn Strategy

  • Utilize all three website links. Even if you only have one site that you are directing people to, there are probably multiple pages on that site that you’d like to promote. Pick the most engaging pages and link them to your LinkedIn profile. For example, setting up your websites like this…

LinkedIn Strategy

…will result in three options for attracting click-throughs to your site.

  •  Be sure to include a call to action. Think about what you want people to do after they’ve viewed your profile. Add a link for the call to action. Some possible calls to action are:

—  Newsletter Sign-up

—  Consultation Request

—  Download a Whitepaper

—  Make an Appointment

—  Register for a Class

—  Take a Survey

—  Join you on FaceBook

  • List a URL for a free taste item such as a video download, tip sheet or whitepaper in the body of your LinkedIn Summary. While the URL here, won’t be hyper-linked, it will be visible to the reader and if the offer is relevant, they’ll copy the URL into their browser to retrieve the free taste item.
  • Include your website URL in the Advice for Contacting… section. LinkedIn encourages you to let others know that best way or reason to contact you. If you want people to connect with you on your website, be sure to mention it in this section of your profile.
Above all, remember that the goal of social media is to engage with others. Focus your efforts on LinkedIn to building relationships and keep the selling to your website.
Photo credit: Gigillo83 via WikiMedia Commons

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