How to show gratitude for referrals on a startup budget

how to show gratitude for referrals

Referrals are the backbone for many businesses.

Good business practice teaches us to show appreciation for every referral that comes our way. Some people do this by paying commission. Others do it by sending a note with a gift card. Others like to take their referral partners out to lunch.


However if you’re just getting started in business and cash flow is a little tight, you may need to get more creative in ways to show your appreciation to those that have supported your business.

That’s where social media can play a big part.

I recently had a colleague thank me for the referrals I sent her way. She was so appreciative that she wanted to do something nice for me. She was asking whether I would like to go out to lunch or receive a gift card. In reality, I know that for this startup business cash was a little tight. The last thing I wanted to do was take cash out of her business. So I made a suggestion for how she could return the favor that she felt she owed.


I asked her to engage with me on social media.

  • Follow me on Twitter
  • Like my Facebook page
  • Endorse me on LinkedIn
  • Comment on an article I¬† published on LinkedIn
  • Share a Facebook update from my page
  • Introduce me to one of your colleagues

What I like about these ideas is that they show that you want to get to know me and my business. You want to build a relationship. And you’re interested in the success of my business as well. While these ideas don’t cost any money, they will take a small investment of time. Knowing that makes it even more powerful and meaningful in our busy lifestyle. building a reciprocal relationship.

So the next time you want to thank a business or colleague for their support, turn to social media. It’s cheap, easy, and will go a long way toward¬†building a reciprocal relationship.

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