LinkedIn Groups for Relationship Building and Lead Generation

LinkedIn Groups for Relationship Building and Lead Generation


Even with recent changes to LinkedIn groups, there are plenty of opportunities to be found by participating in groups. By joining a few LinkedIn groups, you gain access to a multitude of people who weren’t previously in your network. By being members of the same group, you can now follow and comment on discussions in the group and send direct messages to specific members (provided the other member has their settings set to accept messages and invitations from the group).

You must have a goal for using LinkedIn so you know who you’re trying to reach and a strategy so you can do so efficiently and authentically.

LinkedIn Goal


LinkedIn Groups – why join them?

✔ Keep up with what’s happening in your industry
✔ Build stronger relationships with your network
✔ Be a Go-Giver
✔ Become an expert in your industry
✔ Drive traffic to your LinkedIn Profile and website
✔ Fill your pipeline with targeted leads
✔ Network with executives from any industry

LinkedIn Groups – which ones to join?

✔ LinkedIn groups of your offline groups
✔ Industry/trade groups
✔ Chamber/business networking groups
✔ Groups organized by your competitors
✔ Alumni groups
✔ Personal interest groups
✔ Groups where your target market is hanging out

✔ Our Link for Business Growth group, managed by the staff of BG3


LinkedIn Group Etiquette

✔ Read the Group Rules before posting to see what the expectations are for the group
✔ Conversations: Post comments, questions, and articles relevant to the group members. Never “sell” in a discussion forum.
✔ Jobs: Post jobs you are hiring for.
✔ Participate. Don’t just post your content. Comment and engage with content that others are posting. There is huge value to you in doing this.

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