LinkedIn in 15 Minutes a Day

LinkedIn ManagementLinkedIn does not have to take hours a day. In fact, with a little time management and a system in place you can reach some consistent results in only 15 minutes a day.

A suggested plan of attack for those who have only 15 minutes a few times a week to be on LinkedIn is as follows:

  1. Respond to any messages you received through LinkedIn.
  2. Send a message of thanks to those that endorsed you.
  3. Accept (or ignore) any invitations to connect. Send new connections a follow-up message. Tag your connections for future follow-up.
  4. Check who viewed your profile and invite them to connect if appropriate.
  5. Search for and invite people to connect who you met in the last couple days. Personalize the invitation to connect.
  6. Review the status updates of your connections and offer any comments or “likes”.
  7. Glance at the recent discussions in one or two groups that you are following. Add insight to the discussion if you can.
  8. Post an update on your profile.

Now, this plan is meant for maintenance of an existing online presence. If your goals are to generate a ton of leads or launch a new product or service, your time investment will need to increase to have the desired effects on LinkedIn. But again, with a strategy in place, you can reach amazing results and success with LinkedIn.

We love to talk strategy…contact us for ideas on how to position your use of LinkedIn toward growing your business.

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