LinkedIn Success Story: Bob Finley, Organo Gold

LinkedIn TrainerWe’re sharing another LinkedIn Success Story. Bob Finley wrote to us to tell us how LinkedIn has helped him prospect for new customers and distributors for his Organo Gold business.

“Using LinkedIn has helped me find other business-orientated prospects who have influence and know other potential customers. I focus on groups, location, and individual background when prospecting.

Follow-up is key and there are many ways to do it. I use LinkedIn messaging, phone (if available), or email. Sometimes a website listed on a LinkedIn profile will have contact information that allows me to reach the right person. With the connections I’m making, we can view each others profile to help establish a base comfort level and understanding of why we should connect on the phone or in-person.

Using LinkedIn for BusinessBeing a member of 50 groups is important. Occasionally, I add or delete groups to keep things fresh and vary the type of contacts I can engage with. I don’t necessarily have a defined target prospect that I am looking for. Rather, I am looking for someone that ultimately is looking for someone like me! ”

Bob, thank you for these tips! We’re happy to know that LinkedIn is playing a key part in growing your business.

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    • Meredith,

      As you know, keywords are important. So Bob and I worked on optimizing the keywords he was using in his LinkedIn profile. The results…hundreds of viewers to his LinkedIn profile each week.

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