LinkedIn Work Day

There are 3 main ingredients to success with LinkedIn:

1. Having a LinkedIn Profile that shines

2. Regularly engaging and sharing content that will attract interest to you and your brand

3. A plan and schedule to stay relevant and sustain your presence on LinkedIn

On paper, three ingredients seems like no big deal. Easy-peasy, right?

In practice, it’s a whole other story.

What is a LinkedIn Work Day? 

The purpose of our Work Days is to help LinkedIn users like you create a plan for success using LinkedIn. We create the space for you to focus on your goals by hosting a group Work Day prep call, the actual Work Day, and a group follow up call.  It is AMAZING what you can accomplish when you spend focused time working on your LinkedIn!  
LinkedIn Work Day

Why do people participate in a Work Day? 

Things that past participants have found appealing about this program includes:

  • An opportunity to get a lot done in LinkedIn in just one morning. 
  • Access to me for a fraction of the cost of consulting with me one-on-one.
  • Meeting other LinkedIn users and learning what others are doing to make effective use of their LinkedIn account.
  • Accountability, accountability, accountability.

When is the Work Day? 

The Work Day will take place on Monday, December 12 from 9:30am – noon Central time at DreamBank, One North Pinckney Street, Madison. 

 There is room in our classroom for 10 participants, so reserve your spot now.

 Click Here to Register.

What’s included in the Work Day? 

  • Pre-Work Day group coaching call (1 hour) to help you get focused on what you need to accomplish during the Word Day
  • The Work Day – 2.5 hours of focused work to implement your LinkedIn strategy
  • Post Work Day group coaching call (1 hour) to answer any lingering questions about LinkedIn
  • Continental breakfast and refreshments during the Work Day
  • Wi-Fi access during the workshop
  • Space to continue working at DreamBank after our session ends
  • Membership in the Linked for Business Growth group on LinkedIn to continue to network with each other and ask questions about LinkedIn. This is one spot you’ll find me hanging out on a regular basis.
  • Access to the BG3 online school where additional (free and paid) resources and courses are offered to help you grow your business

Total value: $495

Register today for $149!

This event is in no way affiliated with American Family or DreamBank Madison. This event is produced by BG3 LLC.