Make a Referral Monday #MARM

In John Jantsch book, The Referral Engine, he proposes a social media movement call “Make a Referral Monday” #MARM. The concept is similar to Throw Back Thursday #TBT, and Follow Friday #FF with the goal to engage your social media audience. What I like about Make a Referral Monday is the pay-it-forward attitude and the conscience effort it places on helping another professional.

Referrals LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Referralare the lifeline for many small business owners. Without the support from trusted clients and partners, many small businesses wouldn’t be able to stay in business. So, today and every day, make a referral to a small business owner or professional that you know could help someone in your sphere of influence.

By sharing the act of making a referral to your social networks, you not only help the two individuals you are introducing, but you are also giving a public endorsement for the business or professional you are making the referral to. Of course, sensitivity and confidentiality need to be followed. Play smart when participating in social media.

Look for Opportunities to Make a Referral

  • Scan your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook streams for people asking for help and advice.
  • Follow Help a Reporter Out on Twitter @helpareporter or subscribe to their email. When you see a topic that someone knows about, send them the link to reply.
  • Follow the discussions posted in your online groups. People often ask for advice in these groups since members already have a common bond.
  • At some point during a 1:1 meeting with a business professional, ask them what type of client, vendor or partner they are looking for. Listen in terms of who you can refer to them.
  • Encourage colleagues to look through your list of LinkedIn connections. Offer to make a referral or introduction to someone they’d like to meet.

Above all, LISTEN to what someone is saying during your conversation with them. They will give clues about the things that are important, urgent or troubling to them. This is a key opportunity to provide a referral to someone who can help.

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