LinkedIn Success Story: Barbara Boustead, Mary’s Daughter LLC

We love to hear stories of business owners finding success on LinkedIn. Here’s an account from Barbara Boustead a Daily Money Manager and owner of Mary’s Daughter LLC on how LinkedIn has helped to grow here professional opportunities.

Barbara Boustead, LinkedIn Expert
Barbara Boustead, owner of Mary’s Daughter LLC

Barbara Boustead, owner of Mary’s Daughter LLC

“I have found LinkedIn to be a huge factor in connecting with entrepreneurs, including other Daily Money Managers (DMMs) on a national level to exchange/share information and develop strategies to improve our businesses. The LinkedIn groups allow me to interact regularly with financial advisors, estate lawyers, accountants, senior care professionals, and many others who are important contacts and resources in my work as a Daily Money Manager for Older Adults and Veterans. I now have great connections with several individuals at US bank, after they saw my posts on LinkedIn and invited me to connect.

I find that LinkedIn affords me the opportunity to network with others without spending a lot of time marketing in person. I learn about upcoming events and programs that I may have missed had I not been on LinkedIn. For instance, on the Wisconsin Women Entreprenuers‘ LinkedIn website, I found out about the Money Smart Women Conference (MSWC) where Chariti Gent was a featured speaker. I attended this event earlier this year, and met the organizer, Ellen Bernards of Greenpath Debt solutions. Once we met in person, I connected with her on LinkedIn, and am now on Ellen’s committee to plan the 2014 MSWC Conference.

I’ve received many comments, both publicly and privately, from other Daily Money Managers who have appreciated my willingness to share information as well as my curiosity about what others are doing. Because of  LinkedIn posts with AADMM (the American Association of Daily Money Managers),  I have become very involved with Daily money managers from all around the country, and have developed wonderful relationships, which led to being asked to join the Planning committee for the 2013 AADMM Annual Conference, recently held in Nashville, TN.

Mary's Daughter LLC logo- LinkedIn Expert I don’t do a lot of the other networking and marketing that other entrepreneurs do, but I have been very pleased with the professionalism and quality of my connections through LinkedIn. I enjoy reading the discussions, posts and great information from the various interest groups, and am always learning new ideas, strategies and tips to be successful in my business.”

Barbara, thanks for sharing your story. We’d love to hear from others on how they are using LinkedIn in their business. Connect with us on LinkedIn.

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