Turning Followers Into Fans

Turn Social Media Followers Into Your Social Media Fans
Turning Followers Into Fans

In social networking it may seem like followers are what you want, but that isn’t always the case. Followers are just the beginning. What you really want are fans.  Fans are the people who know and like you and will spread the word about your business.

In order to turn your followers into fans, you need to add value to your network. Engage with your followers and show them that you care about them and not only their business.

  • Visit your profile every day and post an update.
  • Content is King – give your fans information they find useful.
  • Comment on other’s posts.
  • Ask questions of others in their area of expertise.
  • Share links to quality content found on other sites.

You also need to earn credibility and trust. People buy from the people they know, like and trust, so it is very important not to lose that trust. Take the time to show interest in your followers and work to show that you want to help them.

  • Be respectful.  Do not argue or disrespect anyone.
  • Be aware that anything you do on social networking sites is public and becomes part of your credibility.
  • Don’t make pitches too quickly.
  • Provide valuable content from reputable resources.
  • Uphold a high level of integrity.

The highest compliment a business can receive is a referral from a fan. Work to turn all your followers into fans and your business will grow exponentially.


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