Why You Need Infographics to Communicate Your Social Media Message

If you want a truly unique why to communicate your message through social media, I suggest that you begin to incorporate infographics into your social media strategy.

According to Matt Fields in an article he wrote for Social Media Chimps, there are 6 reasons why infographics and work.

  1. Consumers have short attention spans
  2. We all face information overload
  3. Infographics are easy to understand
  4. People only retain about 20% of what they read
  5. Visual presentations are more engaging
  6. People love to share infographics

Social Media Strategy

Here, to also explain why you should use infographics is an infographic created by infolicious.

Social Media Management

If you are graphically challenged, you have a number of options for creating your own infographics. First, you can hire a firm like j6Design or infolicious to create one for you. Or, you can use an available app or software to create your visual presentation. I’ll be featuring some of the apps and software available for creating infographics in this series.

Please share your favorite infographic or app that you currently use to create visual presentations in the comments below. We may even feature your infographic or app in an upcoming post.


7 Responses to Why You Need Infographics to Communicate Your Social Media Message

  1. There’s really good info here. I’ve actually been thinking of doing some infographics for my website so people understand the ordering process.
    Did you know there are also some apps you can use? I’ll find the website addresses and come back here to post.

    • Tola, please share the apps that you know of. I’ll be highlighting a few in the upcoming posts in this series.

    • Kathy, I tend to think and write in “bullet points” by nature but have been trying to mix things up a bit. I agree, that some infographics are difficult to understand or uninteresting. The “right” infographic has huge potential to go viral however.

  2. What a wonderful resource! Thank you so much. One of the obstacles I’ve allowed to stop me was “not knowing how” and not knowing where to get good information about top resources to use. After reading this, I have hopes that I can actually do some now!

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