10 Signs You’re Doing Networking Wrong

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In his book, The 29% Solution, Ivan R. Misner states “successful networking is about learning how to “work” the networking process-not just letting it happen.” It’s being pro-active in seeking the results that you want, rather than leaving it to chance. Successful networking is “the uncommon application of common knowledge.”

It’s common knowledge that networking is important to our career or business success. However, few of us…in fact only 29% of us…have a plan and the ambition to make networking instrumental to our success.

Here are 10 Signs That You’re Doing Networking Wrong

  1. You have a stack of business cards you’ve collected in your car…on your dresser…on your desk…in your purse…with no idea what to do with them.
  2. You’ve added everyone you’ve met to your email list. After all, their email address was on their card so they must want to hear from you.
  3. You leave a networking happy hour thinking it was a lot of fun catching up with your co-worker.
  4. You attend a weekly networking lunch and make sure to sit next to someone you know so you’ll have something to talk about.
  5. You spend your evening finding individuals you met at today’s networking event on Facebook and sending them friend requests.
  6. You’re primary reason to join a new networking group is because your friends are there and it sounds like fun.
  7. You’re wondering why you’re not getting any business referrals. After all, you attended one meeting a month ago and told people about your business.
  8. You state “anyone who has the money to hire me” when asked who your ideal client is.
  9. You invite someone to meet for coffee so you can try out your new sales pitch.
  10. You introduce yourself by telling others what you do and where you work. You assume, from that information they’ll be able to figure out that they need your services.

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So where do you place yourself when it comes to networking? Misner offers a Networking Self-Analysis to better understand where you are now and ways to improve your networking success.

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