5 Big Reasons Why You Should Use Facebook Ads

5 Big Reasons Why You Should Use Facebook Ads

5 Big Reasons Why You Should Use Facebook Ads

If you’re looking for a quick and highly effective way to reach a massive audience, then Facebook advertising is an excellent social media strategy. Read on and we’ll look at five of the biggest reasons for this and why you should consider it implementing this social media strategy for your business.

1. It’s PPC

PPC means ‘Pay Per Click’ and is also the format of another very popular advertising network: Google AdWords.

The appeal of PPC is that you don’t pay anything if your ad isn’t effective. You are only paying here when someone actually clicks on your advertisement. In return, you get free exposure for your brand and you won’t pay a dime if your ad doesn’t encourage anyone to actually visit your website. If you make sure you dissuade anyone who isn’t likely to become a customer from your ad, you can almost be guaranteed ROI (Return On Investment).

2. It Fits Any Budget

Due to the nature of Facebook ads, this also means you can always afford this social media strategy regardless of your budget. You set the amount you are willing to pay out each time someone clicks on the Facebook ad. The only drawback for making this number low is that your Facebook ad won’t be shown as often. Even if you only spend a few dollars a week, you can still try it out.

When I say a few dollars, I really mean a few dollars. Did you know you can run ads for $1 per day? Yes! The minimum budget to implementing this social media strategy is $1 per day.

3. It’s Highly Targeted

An advantage that Facebook has over Google is that it allows you target a specific demographics. You can identify and save a custom “audience” to see your Facebook ads. Some lead generation can come from fans that like your page, fans and their friends, or you can create a custom audience you would like to target specifically. You can choose to only show your Facebook ad to people who are single, married, above a certain age, female, geographic location, etc.

All this data allows you to avoid wasting money on people who aren’t in your target audience giving you a more direct social media strategy. While Google AdWords targets in a different way (allowing you to address people searching for particular subjects) it doesn’t provide quite the same control.

4. It’s Social

Another great benefit of using Facebook ads is that it incorporates the power of Facebook’s social media aspect. People can like your advertisements and share them. You can also use them to send people directly to your Facebook page to get more likes for your Facebook page. If social media marketing is a big part of your brand marketing strategy, then the two are highly synergistic.

5. It’s Easy

Getting started on Facebook is incredibly fast and simple. You can boost a published status update, run a Facebook ad to promote your page, or create a social media campaign to direct traffic to a specific page on your website. You can have your Facebook ad campaign up and running in no time to start generating leads and ultimately revenue.

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