Are the Right Keywords in Your LinkedIn Summary?

When working with clients to improve their LinkedIn profile, I always ask them to provide me with a list of keywords that describe what they do in their profession.

More often than not, they provide me with a list of soft skills that describe them, not hard skills used in a search function. For example, they’ll give me “great customer service” as a key phrase. However, if I’m looking for someone to help me with a new home loan, I’m going to use terms like “loan officer”, “mortgage lender”, “refinance”. Yes, I want them to offer “great customer service”, but this is not what I’m going to type in the search box on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Strategy

So, I challenge you to come up with a list of six to ten keywords that describe you in terms of how someone would search for you. After you come up with the list, review your LinkedIn Summary to see if they appear there. If not, you have some work to do. The search algorithm on LinkedIn views the Summary as a very important part of your profile. Without one, LinkedIn will not rank your profile as high in a search. Without the right keywords, your target market won’t find you based on the skills they need.

For help on defining the right keywords for your profile, download our LinkedIn Keyword Worksheet.

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  1. LinkedIn is the most powerful social platform in my personal experience. Unfortunately, I don’t leverage it enough. We must chat sometime about LinkedIn.

    • Carlana, you’re welcome to setup a free consultation call with me. See my Book Appointment link on my blog page.

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