Be Prepared Before Going Social


Be Prepared Before Going Social Media
Be Prepared Before Going Social

We all want to be liked. We all want our voices to be heard, or at least read, by the masses. Social media allows us to broadcast every tiny detail of our lives to hundreds, thousands, even millions of people. Anyone with an internet connection, whether it’s on a desktop, laptop, or smart phone, is networked into the tangled web of communications we have all helped create.

As a business, how do you establish a plan so you do not get lost in the web? It’s easy to be detoured or distracted. Just as in any journey, you need a vehicle – with an owner’s manual, a driver, a navigator, and a map.

While it sounds simple, of course it is not. It’s the actual road map that tends to cause the most anxiety, as there is no universal map that will provide all the directions you are looking for. It is best to start by focusing on the foundation of your social media plan:

  • Select your vehicle — whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube, etc. Focus on one at a time.
  • Develop written guidelines for the vehicle to ensure all involved conform to your style, your brand, and your voice. Consistency in communications is critical. The more detail you can provide in your guidelines, the less room for your brand identity to be compromised.
  • Choose the driver. This is the person you entrust with not only the operation of your vehicle, but also the precious cargo it contains (your reputation).
  • Choose the navigator. Your navigator keeps the driver on track. This person must be aware of the small details of the journey and how they are affecting the big picture at all times.

These basic components make up the foundation of your plan. The road map you create will be based on this foundation. The end result of your efforts is to reach a certain target audience and gain more exposure for your business along the way. As long as you maintain a consistent voice, stay true to your identity, and trust the system you have put into place, you will not get lost.


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