How to Engage with Your Facebook Audience

How to engage with your Facebook audience

Building a Facebook audience is one thing, but engaging with them to support your brand is something different.

First, you must realize that your Facebook audience is not just a number of followers to your page. Your audience is made up of real people. People who want to be part of your story. Whether that’s to learn something from you, be inspired by you, or to support your cause, your audience wants to join you on your journey.

You want your Facebook audience to get to know you, but more importantly, you want to get to know them. 

  • Be authentic. Show what really goeson in your business and life. Open the door for them to share from their lives.
  • Be inquisitive. Ask for your audience’s opinion and take a genuine interest in their responses.
  • Ask for help. Get feedback on idea’s that you are exploring in your business.
  • Stay positive. Don’t appear needy or desperate.
  • Be inclusive. Showcase your staff. After all, they are likely the ones actually working with your clients.

Mix things up a bit on your Facebook Page.

  • Don’t make everything you post related to your business.
  • Have some fun and make your Facebook audience smile.
  • Talk about other issues or organizations that you support.
  • Discuss current events or other topics trending.
  • Publish a Facebook poll to gauge audience feedback.

Facebook engagement

Remember, Facebook is meant to be social.

  • Acknowledge every comment left on your page.
  • Respond to reviews and feedback given.
  • Jump back into conversations that are going on between your audience members.

Express yourself in your Facebook posts.

  • Use emoticons. According to Hubspot “something as simple as a smiley face emoticon in your post can increase likes by 57 percent, comments by 33 percent and shares by 33 percent over posts without them.”
  • Include photos to capture your Facebook audience’s attention. Increase engagement by asking them to caption the photo.
  • Post videos. Video is a leading engagement tool on Facebook. Have some fun with your video and make it something your audience will want to share.

Be willing to take the conversation offline.

If your goal is to get business leads from Facebook, you may need to consider moving the relationship offline. That may mean a phone call or appointment to meet. The process of moving a Facebook fan from simply a Fan to a Prospect is strategic. Not everyone who follows your Facebook page is an ideal prospect, but you need to create a system for identifying those fans that are potential buyers.

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