Is LinkedIn the Right Social Tool for Your Business?

On the surface, many business professionals have a hard time seeing how LinkedIn can help them in their work. If they aren’t searching for a job, or looking to hire an employee, they’re not sure what LinkedIn can do for them.

That’s where we love to come in. When we start to learn more about the work someone does, the possibilities for connecting with relevant people in their industry come flooding in. I particularly love the moment when the proverbial light bulb goes off. A client will see the opportunities that lie before them and with our help they are drawn a map to get there.

So whether you are a sales person, business owner, time clock puncher,  in the trades, about to graduate or about to retire, we can help you build the network of individuals that will get you to where you’re going. To get a taste of the possibilities, schedule a free mini-session with us to take a look at your LinkedIn opportunities.

On Tuesday, May 21, 2013, I’ll be presenting a webinar focused on how to build a virtual assistant business through LinkedIn. Many of the techniques that will be shown in this webinar will be relevant to anyone trying to build their brand or online presence. So, I invite you to join me (Cathy) and Tracey D’Aviero, Your VA Mentor, as we discuss how to use LinkedIn to build your business.

Register here.

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