Quick Tip: Add All Your Email Addresses to Your LinkedIn Profile

—One of the easiest ways to be found by both those who you know professionally and personally is to add all of your email addresses to your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn uses your email address as your ID within the system. If someone searches for you by any of the email addresses that you have listed on your profile, they will find you.

LinkedIn List Management

Once you add multiple email addresses, you have the option of which address to use as your primary address. This is the one that will be displayed in your contact info and used for email notifications from LinkedIn.

This will also help avoid having multiple LinkedIn accounts opened under your name. Since LinkedIn makes it very easy for people to upload their address book and invite all of their contacts to join them on LinkedIn, it’s possible for a second or third account to be opened with your name if you accept to “join” LinkedIn through one of these invitations.


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