Where to Begin with Social Networking

When getting started with social media, a business person can feel like they need to be part of every social network platform they hear of. In reality, it’s best to use the social media platform(s) that best match the message you are trying to convey. Get started with one and develop proficiency there before investing time or effort in another platform.

Social Media StrategyHere is an overview of just five methods of social interaction. There are literally hundreds of social media platforms that you could participate in.  Take a look at the content you have to share before choosing which platform to start on.

We recommend starting with one platform and integrating it into your strategy before you set up accounts on each social site. You’ll be able to take what you learn from each site to growth your reach and engagement with your audience.

Whichever social platform you choose, we believe it’s better to do social media well or not at all. You don’t want out-dated or inactive social sites to represent your company or brand on the web.

4 Responses to Where to Begin with Social Networking

  1. Great graph, thanks. I dabble in several, which just proves the saying, “jill of all trades and master of none.” I need to study your graph and figure out where I need to be spending most of my online, marketing, time.

    • Nita, It can get quite time consuming to be engaged on a number of social media sites. You’re right about studying where your content best fits and where your target market is more likely to find you.

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